Roman Mosaic Found Under Farmers’ field in Antiochia ad Cragum, Southern Turkey.

A giant 1,600 square foot poolside mosaic dating back to the Roman Empire at its peak, and featuring intricate geometric patterns in pristine condition, has been unearthed in southern Turkey.

According to Michael Hoff, a University of Nebraska, Lincoln art historian and director of the excavation, the mosaic once decorated the floor of a bath complex and abuts a 25-foot (7-meter)-long pool, which would have been open to the air. The mosaic itself is composed of large squares, each sporting a unique geometric design on a white background, from starburst patterns to intertwined loops. It's the largest Roman mosaic ever found in southern Turkey, suggesting that Antiochia ad Cragum was far more influenced by the Romans than previously believed. The city of Antiochia ad Cragum, founded in the first century, has a number of Roman features, including bathhouses and markets.